In January 2020, Kendall County Commissioners Court passed Resolution 01-27-2020 supporting efforts to preserve the Night Skies.  

The Issue: Light Pollution


The IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) defines light pollution as "The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light." There are four components of light pollution.   

Bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources.
SKYGLOW:  Brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas.  

The infographic above illustrates the different components of light pollution and what “good” lighting looks like. (Image by Anezka Gocova, in “The Night Issue”, Alternatives Journal 39:5 (2013). Click to enlarge.

LIGHT TRESPASS: Light falling where it is not intended or needed.
GLARE: Excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort.  

The Solution: Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting


The IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) provides five principles for responsible  Dark Sky friendly lighting. 

Click through the slideshow below to view each of the five principles.  

To read more about the 5 principles of Dark Sky friendly lighting, please visit the International Dark Sky Association website.  

IDA Principles for Night Sky Lighting

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